Donor World

Dimensional Coordinates: NOT AVAILABLE
Divergence Date: Unknown.

Need a kidney and don't care about ripping it out of the body of a healthy teenager? Head to Donor World, where a barbaric mandatory donor program for today's youth keeps the middle-aged stocked to the gills with fresh parts.

Parallel History

It’s unclear exactly when Donor World might have split off by our standard; its medical technology is highly impressive and includes cryogenic freezing processes that our world is still struggling to develop. Huge medical centers around the country administer care to anyone who needs it — if they can afford the surgery.

Seems there’s a high demand for body organs on this world, however. While organ demand is high on our world as well, this world has enacted legislation that puts all American citizens between the ages of 18 and 25 into a massive database that catalogues blood type, bone marrow availability and, yes, organ status. If someone with an urgent need for an organ matches your profile, your profile is activated and an agency known as the Donor Squad (D Squad for short) comes and scoops you up and preps you for surgery. You can’t complain or fight the system — a tag implanted in one’s wrist on their 18th birthday acts as a GPS transceiver as well as a data storage unit containing your medical profile.

It’s a pretty sad situation and we’re not about to invite people to come and visit. However, if you are a big Back to the Future fan, you’ll be pleased to know we carry DVD copies of this world’s Back to the Future IV in our Transdimensional Catalogue.

Travel Advisory

Clear for takeoff

For security purposes, no one under the age of 25 is permitted to visit Donor World.

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