Earth Double Prime

Dimensional Coordinates: 323.935.914.149
Divergence Date: January 5, 1933

It's so close to home that you might as well stay on Earth Prime.

Parallel History

On January 5, 1933, construction of the Azure Gate Bridge began. Azure Gate, you say? Well, on Earth Double Prime, the fog doesn’t roll in quite so heavily into the San Francisco Bay, and it became famous for its beautiful blue skies. Likewise, the bridge was painted a nice sky blue as the red citizens of Earth Prime are so familiar with isn’t necessary to keep ships away.

Aside from that, and precious few other differences, Earth Double Prime is similar in every way to our world. That is, until 1996.

After going missing for 18 months, Sliders Quinn Mallory, Rembrandt Brown, Wade Welles and Maximillian Arturo returned to a media blitz about the discovery of transdimensional travel. Arturo cited the device as his creation and was summarily honored by the Nobel committee and awarded a statue at the Museum of Natural Science in San Francisco. Then, after a few weeks, Mallory, Welles and Brown disappeared again. Arturo was left alone, and his only working timer stolen by those who had been his friends. Unable to duplicate his findings, Arturo was dismissed from his post at the University of California and went in seclusion. He has yet to re-appear with another working model of sliding.

Other noticeable differences on Earth Double Prime include:

  • The 49ers beat the Jets in the 1985 Super Bowl.
  • Some of the Rembrandt Brown’s songs are also credited to his back-up vocals, the Spinning Topps.
  • Roger Maris doesn’t have an asterisk next to his home run total, meaning someone eventually achieved a greater overall number of home runs in their career.

Travel Advisory

Clear for takeoff

You face the same obstacles here as on earth prime — crime, pollution, Rosie O'Donnell...

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