Earth Prime

Dimensional Coordinates: 323.935.914.157
Divergence Date: Never.

This world should come as no surprise to you. It's yours. Yes, you're probably asserting that sliding isn't a reality. Well, it is. You just don't head up to the Bay Area often enough. They don't call it the Silicon Valley for nothing.

Parallel History

None. This is your Earth, you rube.

Travel Advisory

Clear for takeoff

Well, aside from the natural crime rate, pollution and the American government's desire to play global cowboy, Earth Prime is a pretty safe place to be. Just don't act like an idiot and you'll stay alive. Until you succumb to any number of diseases or old age and die. Hey, no one's immortal.

The Zimmerman Telegraph

Intercepted by the British and sent to the United States, where it thoroughly humiliated the Germans and prevented an invasion of southern America by Mexico. Unfortunately, the invasion went ahead anyways, with thousands of illegals crossing the border every year determined to do yard work for snobbish middle class families.

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