Egypt World

Dimensional Coordinates: SLIDING CIV
Divergence Date: 18th Dynasty.

Ha! You thought Alexander the Great didn't live up to his title on this earth? You thought wrong.

Parallel History

Egypt was already under Persian rule when Alexander the Great liberated it. In fact, the Egyptians had lived under subjugations for hundreds of years before the Macedonian made his entrance.

What’s this mean? It means our preliminary report was off the cuff, and ill-researched. But never let it be said MultiDim doesn’t correct its errors.

But check this out: Egypt World’s change is almost as simple as our initial suspicions. A slightly more aggressive exploration and colonization policy put Egyptians in South America three thousand years before Columbus.

Sound implausible? It definitely didn’t fly in the face of most Egyptologists; however, discoveries of lightweight, highly durable reed boats buried next to the Great Pyramids show Egypt definitely had the ability to navigate huge distances over water.

While Egypt on Earth Prime slowly fell in stature and was eventually vanquished by the Greeks, Persians and Romans, the Egypt of this world used its large territorial holdings in the New World to cultivate crops, develop complex trade routes between the continents and establish a truly global culture.

In fact, this allowed for the Egyptian religious culture to perpetuate and grow, since Christianity and Islam would never grow to prominence. Egypt took over the Mediterranean and provided a society of culture, tradition and high symbolism.

In the past 100 years, Egyptian scientists developed sliding technology and gave it to the Pharaoh and his family. Now Egyptian royalty slides to other worlds; for what is unknown.

This is a highly refined culture with a serious devotion to the Gods. Afterlife experiments continue to this day as researchers attempt to probe what happens after you die.

However, since this culture possesses sliding, we are banning it from the Travelogue for fear of rapprochement.

Travel Advisory

Clear for takeoff

Off-limits; travel may become available if diplomatic ties can be established.

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