Einstein World

Dimensional Coordinates: 314.159.265.358
Divergence Date: 1669

Tired of a society that embraces the lowest common denominator? Visit Einstein World, where intellectual stimulation is the driving force of civilization.

Parallel History

Sir Isaac Newton is more than just the credited discoverer of gravity. In 1669, Newton also formulated the scientific disciplines of calculus. However, rather than wait until 1704 to publish his theories as The Calculus, Newton went public with his findings right away. Europe and the United States, already awash with the beginning of the Enlightenment Period in 1651 with the publication of Leviathan by Hobbes, jump started an age of intellectual refinement that continues unabated to this day.

On this world, intellect is revered rather than ignored, and as a result many of the ills of society have been supplanted by the benefit of wisdom. The classical composers are still considered popular music, libraries are open until midnight so that people can pore over ancient texts. Universities are the most venerable institutions in the world. People here are always thirsting for knowledge.

In order for people to exercise more muscles than just their brain, a simple game called Othello was updated and turned into a fast-paced athletic competition called Mindgame. Two squads must answer questions from a variety of topics and land strategic squares around the board. The team with the most amount of squares at the end is declared the winner.

However, every civilization is not without some level of corruption. There is an underground racketeering syndicate that also accommodates those who want to gamble on Mindgame or other happenings.

On this world, Maximillian Arturo is one of the most prized minds in history, and lectures weekly at the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas. He is also the co-creator of sliding technology with Quinn Mallory, the champion player of the UCAL Eggheads. It is unknown when this sliding technology will be released on the world.

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Clear for takeoff

Stupid people need not visit.

The Zimmerman Telegraph

Telegraphs were beyond antiquated at that point, you ignoramus.

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