Elvis World

Dimensional Coordinates: 213.840.721.509
Divergence Date: August 11, 1930

Have you always wondered what general chaos was like? Ever imagined a United States where its citizens are fleeing to a prosperous Mexico? Welcome to Elvis World, where not only can you catch the King performing 5 nights a week in Vegas, you can also watch society crumble around you!

Parallel History

In the throes of countrywide depression, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s Community Construction Coalition (CCC) goes bankrupt despite massive federal backing. The country, already feeling the pain of unemployment and skyrocketing interest rates, never fully recovers.

During the Second World War, United States involvement was kept to a minimum while Mexican interests, spurred by oil barons looking to secure the petroleum rich fields of the Yucatan, invest in a Mexican war machine that dominates much of Germany. Mexico, the new “hero” of the Great War, becomes an industrial giant. People emigrate from the United States in droves.

Technological gains crawled to a standstill in the U.S., forcing many industries to adopt change. The compact disc, long heralded to be a new avenue in music and data storage, is rebuffed in favor of vinyl LPs. Green traffic lights, used in Mexico, are changed to red in a vain attempt to spur a cultural heritage in the weakened United States.

On this world, President John F. Kennedy was never assassinated, and continued to serve as president well into his twilight years. A fitting choice for an impoverished nation, since wife Marilyn Monroe served in her capacity as First Wife, raising spirits while the economy plummeted.

Scientists are currently worried that the earth’s tendency towards precession — the rotation of the Earth’s axis, is bringing about a new Ice Age. MultiDim will keep you informed.

Travel Advisory

Warning signs

While you may be able to see the King perform here, it's in your best interests to stay away from here lest you be accosted by one of the 19 million homeless that wander the streets while citizen after citizen leaves the old Stars n' Bars behind for good old Mexican democracy.

The Zimmerman Telegraph

Never sent, as Mexico was already in the pocket of greedy U.S. oil interests long before Germany could ever request assistance. Besides, what would Mexico have to gain by attacking the U.S.?

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