Feminist World

Dimensional Coordinates: 821.678.969.802
Divergence Date: 1270

Tired of the Old Boys' Club and a male dominated society? Welcome to a world where women hold public office, play professional sports, fly planes, and are captains of industry while men cook, clean, and stay home to take care of the kids. It's a world where Hillary Clinton is the President of the United States while Jane Pauley has been ordained as Pope Jane Pauley I.

Parallel History

In 1270, the eighth and final campaign known as the Crusades began. Hordes of fighters from around Europe descended upon the Holy Land, Palestine, leaving their wives and children behind. Papal farms grew dependent on the labor of women, and feudal kings grew weak without their support.

Geoffrey Chaucer writes in the foreword of his Canterbury Tales that an Anne Murray, a peasant farmer in the York region of England began a grass roots movement to overthrow their feudal lord and establish a democratic state. In 1281, Murray and dozens of women stormed the castle and fought off the guards, many of whom did not feel comfortable doing battle with a woman. The lord imprisoned, Murray established a Senate and presided over it under the directive of the Great National Plebiscite.

News spread and other cells of women’s suffrage moved throughout Europe. By the time news had spread all the way down to Jerusalem, the Moors had the Christian forces and the Knights Templar in fierce battle. When the armies limped back to their respective countries, they found everything to be well in order… and ruled by women.

Over the centuries, men have gradually come to recognize the benefit of female leadership. No war, social issues are handled swiftly and efficiently and crime is almost non-existent. However, it is definitely a caste system — men have little avenues of employment aside from modeling, secretarial work and nannying.

In 1995, San Francisco mayor Anita Ross ran as an incumbent against political unknown Maximillian Arturo, a mysterious professor who won the election and subsequently disappeared. Men are now starting to run for office all over the country.

Presidents of the United States include Hillary Clinton and Susan B. Anthony.

Travel Advisory

Warning signs

Don't try to initiate political change. You might find a brick through your window.

The Zimmerman Telegraph

Instead of it being Germany's covert request for Mexican military aid, this Zimmerman telegraph is just a polite request from some lady named Zimmerman to have her son bring a box of Ghirardelli chocolate from San Francisco to Boston.

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