Fifties World

Dimensional Coordinates: 451.901.011.304
Divergence Date: 1944

If you've ever wanted to relive the rampant paranoia and technological lethargy that was the 1950s, have we got a world for you!

Parallel History

During World War II, the American government of Fifties World decided that, to end the war, nuclear technology would have to be used. However, after the devastation of Hiroshima and Nagasaki was properly analyzed, the government determined that technology was only going to do more harm than benefit to society, and so technology, in essence, was banned.

Some called it “the Devil’s own handiwork” and feared that it would cause the apocalypse to occur that much sooner. While there have been some technological advancements, they only amount to baby steps when compared to the giant leaps taken on Earth Prime in the last half of the 20th century.

In the present, the Bureau of Anti-Technology polices the American populace looking for technology that exceeds the level of advancement that the government has allowed. Those in possession of anything technological are in violation of Article 417 of the Anti-Technology Statutes and may be arrested.

Without advancements in electronics, televisions are non-existent on this world and religion is very important to this society, so much so that religious figures are relegated superstar status.

Sadly, without technology, Jonas Salk could never complete his studies on polio, and a vaccine was never discovered. It is still an epidemic and kills thousands annually.

Technology supporters continue their struggle to eradicate society’s fear of science and lobby Congress constantly to change the laws.

Travel Advisory

Warning signs

All travelers will be required to remove items of high technology from their personages before embarking.

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