Future World

Dimensional Coordinates: 964.878.169.647
Divergence Date: Billions of years ago.

Ever wondered what the future will be like? Wonder no more — Future World is 600 years ahead in time from our perspective.

Parallel History

We’ve encountered a couple worlds with various amounts of temporal slippage — the build-up of a time differential through various gravitational phenomena. This world is no different with the exception that while most observed Van Meer worlds are running behind time-wise, this world is running ahead to the tune of several hundred years.

As a result, this world is maxed to the gills with technological advancements. San Francisco itself is a techno-organic metropolis filled with transporters, flying cars and massive hover machines that look like something out of Star Trek. It truly is an impressive thing to behold; however, due to the fact that this world’s present strongly mirrors our future, we’re withholding access to this world so as to not jeopardize our timeline and its nascent technological advancement.

Sure, it would have been cool to have a laptop in the 1300s, but does it really get the grain in faster?

Travel Advisory

Warning signs

Off-limits to tourists.

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