Game World

Dimensional Coordinates: 473.881.981.551
Divergence Date: 1980

Are you a big fan of mindless drivel like football, pro wrestling and daytime television? Well, you might have the brain pan to cheer on the end result of social anarchy — the Game!

Parallel History

In 1986, the United States of Game World was poised on the verge of a major civil war. Iran-Contra, Ronald Reagan, Vietnam, spiraling military spending… people didn’t have faith in the government anymore.

To combat the situation, the government cracked down and declared martial law, limiting public appearance, and to a greater extent, sports. All sports were banned in an attempt to subvert the populace.

It failed.

Thinking quickly, the Game was instituted. Its “Running Man” proliferation of ultra-violence and senseless death appealed to Americans, who, while preferring Richard Dawson to Josh Molina, definitely preferred carnage over ten-yard penalties.

The Game grew in popularity exponentially over the next 15 years. Currently, over 230 million people watch the Game weekly. Players compete for a $5 million prize through several levels of difficulty. The Finals are played in a walled-off section of Los Angeles.

Got a thirst for bloodlust? Check out Game World; you might just find yourself satisfied.

Travel Advisory


Because of the nature of the Game, visitors are required to enter this world with an official Facilitator so as to not appear in an arena.

The Zimmerman Telegraph

Destroyed in the Civil Upheaval.

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