Greenhouse World

Dimensional Coordinates: 102.393.859.867
Divergence Date: Unknown.

A parallel universe where out-of-control greenhouse effects gripped Earth much like Venus.

Parallel History

Imagine an earth shaped not by millions of years of volcanism and rain, but by violent tectonic shifting and caustic acids bleaching the surface of any ability to sustain life. You don’t have to imagine — Venus, our sister planet, is under perpetual assault from acid rain and a greenhouse effect that have raised the average temperature to over 800 degrees Farenheit.

Scientists have long looked to Venus as a grim reminder of what could happen to Earth if carbon dioxide percentages continue to climb. No longer — this variation of Earth is an example of environment gone wrong.

Travel Advisory

Air pressure at sea level would instantly incapacitate any human; which is good because the excessive heat would cause anyone's blood to boil from the inside. Scientific teams in pressured domes are allowed to visit to study climate and geology patterns; otherwise, this world is closed to visitors.

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