Hybrid World

Dimensional Coordinates: 308.615.908.438
Divergence Date: Unknown.

Want to live The Island of Doctor Moreau without being around that pig Marlon Brando or his egotistical buddy Val Kilmer? Book a trip to Hybrid World, where wacky gene splicing experiments have created bizarre human/animal combinations!

Parallel History

In about 50 million years the coast of California, wracked by powerful seismic forces, will have broken down into a chain of islands along the Pacific Coast. Seismically, that’s nothing. Look at the Himalayas — direct evidence of India slamming into Asia tens of millions of years ago itself.

Hybrid World has taken that final plunge and divested the North American continent of millions of square miles of coastland. In its place are thousands of atolls and islands, some habitable, some not. The local government sells these islands to those who want to get away from it all and still be connected to the rest of the world.

However, this world isn’t called “Seismic Island World,” it’s called Hybrid World because some crazy scientist named Vargas bought an old sugar plantation down near where the Channel Islands are on Earth Prime and started harvesting the wildlife to use for bizarre genetic experiments. Before he died and his notes destroyed, Vargas created an entire civilization of half man, half animal creatures. Some were intellectually on par with an angry cat, others can speak and act like regular people. These lead their brethren and have negotiated their island home as a sanctuary.

Travel Advisory

Warning signs

Since sliding into the San Francisco area gets you close to either Angel Island or the Farallons, MultiDim's package to this world includes a catamaran trip around the bay before sliding to your vacation destination.

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