Ice Cream World

Dimensional Coordinates: 262.982.489.589
Divergence Date: July 5, 1954

I scream, you scream, we all scream for King's Ice Cream! Journey to the Earth Prime of the best tasting ice cream in the Multiverse! Enjoy a walk in the park with a King's Ice Cream cone!

Parallel History

On the day that Elvis Presley would have recorded “That’s All Right Now, Mama” at Sun Records, he was at the local diner preparing to sing when the local ice cream confectioner had an abrupt heart attack. Elvis rushed to the man’s aid. The man was so grateful he took Elvis under his wing and eventually named Presley successor to the company upon his death. Elvis took the company nationwide and is now the Ben and Jerry’s of this world. King’s Ice Cream sells more ice cream a year than Breyer’s, Dreyer’s and Baskin-Robbins combined.

Travel Advisory

Clear for takeoff

Don't eat your ice cream too fast to prevent brain freeze! It's also being reported that King's zero-calorie ice cream may cause spontaneous bowel movements similar to the fat substitute Olean (Olestra).

The Zimmerman Telegraph

Not as tasty as Rocky Road, but okay nonetheless.

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