Igloo World

Dimensional Coordinates: 320.014.771.556
Divergence Date: Unknown.

What's easier: spending four hours in a car with your irritating friends just hoping to see some powder, or a quick five-minute trip with MultiDim to Igloo World, where Northern California is still covered with snow-covered glaciers? Exactly.

Parallel History

If you’ve been to Tundra World you’ve known the glory of a San Francisco covered in snow. Toxic, radioactive snow, yes, but you can still make it into a snowman.

However, Igloo World packs all the fun and excitement of Tundra World without the annoying Geiger counter going off every three seconds! For some reason, the earth’s axis has left much of North America in a quasi-Ice Age. Conversely, most of Russia is warm savannah, much as it was on Earth Prime 15,000 years ago.

Ice Age has not deterred settlers, though, and not only does Igloo World offer some of the choicest virgin ski trails on any world, it also has some of the best New York style pizza you’ve ever tasted. If you’re looking for the pretentious luxury of Lake Tahoe without the less-than-pretentious commute, give Igloo World a buzz.

Travel Advisory

Clear for takeoff

If you get stuck in an avalanche or a snow pack, use your emergency transponder quickly before you die of frostbite.

The Zimmerman Telegraph

Perfectly preserved, to be recovered two thousand years from now by organic robots trying to determine what humanity was like. Ha! Just kidding! No one would buy a cheesy idea like that!

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