India World

Dimensional Coordinates: 791.909.212.991
Divergence Date: 1629

Visit New India! Become enlightened! Run in fear when you order a hamburger!

Parallel History

In 1629, the Mogul emperor Shah Jahan learned his wife, Mumtaz Mahal was ill. Fearing her death was near, he ordered a small fleet built on the pretense that the ocean air would help her bronchitis and sailed off. The Indian fleet landed in the San Francisco Bay, and Mahal died two weeks later. Grieving, Shah Jahan ordered the construction of the mausoleum Taj Mahal after her death. Designed by a Turkish architect, it was built (1630-48) in a walled garden with an oblong reflecting pool and overlooks the Bay Area.

With Indian settlements cropping along the California coastline, skirmishes with the Spanish conquistadors in nearby Mexico were frequent. In 1651, Shah Jahan purchased the California territory from the Spanish and delegated the land as New India.

Over the centuries, New India has become a thriving cultural center and major exporting territory. It shares the North American continent with the English, French, Dutch and Spanish in true harmony, and no major wars have erupted since 1709.

Travel Advisory

Clear for takeoff

Don't get in front of a cattle stampede.

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