Justice World

Dimensional Coordinates: 941.606.666.710
Divergence Date: January 25, 1994

Ever walk down the street afraid you'll be mugged at gunpoint like MultiDim CEO Matt Hutaff was? Cringe when you see someone look at your purse or backpack? Beat a trail to Justice World, then, where the populace is safe thanks to the crazed mindset of boob-toob junkies!

Parallel History

Justice World was born when something odd happened in California — the state government did something sensible.

The population, already irritated by the lack of justice in high-profile court cases, began the process to put a proposition on the ballot that would abolish the traditional jury system. This radical suggestion would never have made it onto the ballot if O.J. Simpson hadn’t brutally slaughtered his ex-wife Nicole and restaurant worker Ron Goldman.

Suddenly, people on the fence about being fed up over poor representation and ludicrous settlements, quickly jumped in favor of opening up judgment to the public forum. In an insane popular motion, lawyers were banned and all court proceedings were placed on small cable outlets like Court TV.

Hollywood immediately saw the potential for television and bought up the rights to televise these proceedings. “Justice Tonight” and “The Judgment Game” are consistent draws, and the public truly feels involved in sentencing criminals.

Crime decreased exponentially over the years as new countermeasures were brought to the public. Video cameras dominate every angle of every street, thus monitoring practically every crime imaginable. Lost wallets are returned with their contents intact.

This attack on crime has spread across the United States. The more entertaining your defense, the better.

Don’t even get us started on the European versions.

Travel Advisory

Clear for takeoff

Toe the line, people. Commit a crime here and we're leaving you behind.

The Zimmerman Telegraph

The only one we could find in the National Archives belonged to Herbie Zimmerman, who emphatically told President McKinley that brown really wasn't his color.

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