Kromagg Outpost 113

Dimensional Coordinates: NOT AVAILABLE
Divergence Date: Unknown.

A world decimated by the Kromagg Empire, this world is off-limits, even to MultiDim researchers.

Parallel History

Outpost 113 never had advanced life take hold on its barren surface. As a result the Kromaggs use this world solely as a prison and interrogation chamber. Humans from a variety of worlds are brought here, psychically manipulated and then harvested for their eyes. At any given time, thousands of humans are kept here in a special facility — the only area habitable on the planet. Escape from this lone building means death by the harsh environment.

Travel Advisory

The Kromaggs have conquered this world. It's been quarantined for a reason. Do not attempt to visit Kromagg Outpost 113. The Kromaggs track wormholes quite easily, and we don't want a fleet of Manta ships conquering our world. Thank you.

The Zimmerman Telegraph

No indigenous life to speak of on this world.

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