Earth Triple Prime/Kromagg Outpost 161

Dimensional Coordinates: RESTRICTED
Divergence Date: Unknown.

Seeing Kromagg Outpost 161 is like looking at Earth Prime after years of Kromagg subjugation.

Parallel History

Initially, we had this one cataloged as “Earth Triple Prime.” It was close enough to our Earth that the little differences would almost impact nothing in the way someone views the world. It didn’t even have an Azure Gate Bridge — the Golden Gate was there in all its glory.

There still isn’t an Azure Gate, but that’s because San Francisco is a gaping crater. Almost all of the major cities in the United States have been destroyed in a similar fashion, although portions of Los Angeles are still intact.

Travel Advisory

The Kromaggs have conquered this world. It's been quarantined for a reason. Do not attempt to visit Kromagg Outpost 161. The Kromaggs track wormholes quite easily, and we don't want a fleet of Manta ships conquering our world. Thank you.

The Zimmerman Telegraph

Undoubtedly similar to Earth Prime's.

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