Kromagg Outpost 66

Dimensional Coordinates: NOT AVAILABLE
Divergence Date: Unknown.

A world decimated by the Kromagg Empire, this world is off-limits, even to MultiDim researchers.

Parallel History

Kromagg Outpost 66 is a barren, empty world used as a staging ground for further invasion by the Kromaggs. Humanity once thrived here, but many of its population centers have been destroyed, its people shipped off to detention centers and slave colonies. Outpost 66 is now home only to invading forces and the mentally ill. Records after the invasion are spotty, and MultiDim has been unwilling to travel back to this world to learn any more. Suffice to say the divergence is now significantly large enough.

Travel Advisory

The Kromaggs have conquered this world. It's been quarantined for a reason. Do not attempt to visit Kromagg Outpost 66. The Kromaggs track wormholes quite easily, and we don't want a fleet of Manta ships conquering our world. Thank you.

The Zimmerman Telegraph

Most historical records were destroyed when the Kromagg army annihilated the main centers of civilization, so information regarding this remarkable artifact is inconclusive.

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