Law and Order World

Dimensional Coordinates: 272.935.569.245
Divergence Date: June 5, 1989

The judgment is in: why stay at home and watch Court TV when you can visit Law & Order World and watch defendants literally fight for their lives in court? Hire your own high priced defense attorneys or get the autographs of judicial superstars such as Judge Kenneth Starr, Judge Lance Ito, Judge Judy, Judge Reinhold, and Judge Wapner!

Parallel History

Tired of rampant crime, the citizens of the state of California started ratifying bizarre propositions that imposed deadly consequences for trivial crimes. For example, under Proposition 199, the Instant Justice Initiative, the number of appeals to the death penalty is limited to two, and those appeals are doled out immediately after sentencing. People are actually sentenced to death for minor vandalism.

However, some speculate that the government may have wanted to boost the sagging Nielsen ratings of the government-owned Court TV by showing more death penalty cases. Since the new laws have been enacted, Court TV has remained the #1 rated cable channel.

Travel Advisory


It's the law of averages: you have a 100% survival rate if you have a high-priced lawyer, 0% without. If you even think it's illegal here, it probably is. So keep your chin up, walk softly and don't do anything to outrage the locals.

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