Lemoore World

Dimensional Coordinates: RESTRICTED
Divergence Date: Unknown.

Dr. Lavern Lee Moore may have a funny name, but it's his bloodthirsty reign in the heart of Central California that shuts people up.

Parallel History

The citizens of present-day Lemoore were already angry before the good doctor settled on the shore of Lake Tulare.

Isolated from most of civilization by as little as a day’s horseback ride, settlers were tired of the lack of news and luxuries that larger settlements received by virtue of their proximity to larger towns. So when Moore showed up, he quickly galvanized his neighbors with his rhetoric and civics skills.

Moore quickly knit the community together, created a post office and center of commerce. Word spread quickly that Tulare was the place to be, and the population boomed.

However, the Moore of this world had large delusions of grandeur thanks to an unfortunate addictions to absinthe and opium. The citizens of the re-named Lemoore followed their self-appointed leader blindly, and any township that didn’t fall in line with Moore’s socialist leanings were annexed by force.

Grangeville, Kingston and Hanford all fell under Moore’s vicious sieges. As the region grew great under his control, other smaller settlements deferred to Moore for protection and supplies.

By the time the federal government, still under reconstruction and suffering from the recent presidential scandal with Samuel Tilden, learned of a huge militia movement encompassing a large section of California territory, it was too late. The services created by Moore and his citizens eclipsed other local economies, and Moore did his best to secede from the Union before realizing symbiosis was more beneficent for all.

Lemoore today is peaceful and under control of an elected republic. However, it maintains a powerful military that includes an air force and good-sized standing army. Any attempts to encroach on their land is met with force.

Lemoore is not a place that welcomes an abundance of strangers.

Travel Advisory

Visiting Lemoore is not available with any MultiDim package.

The Zimmerman Telegraph

Sent from Bill Zimmerman to brother John, a recent emigrant to Lemoore. No historical significance whatsoever.

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