Lions World

Dimensional Coordinates: 494.494.494.494
Divergence Date: Unknown.

Are you a San Francisco native, but you hate the 49ers? Similarly, are you a Detroit Lions fan? Did you ever wish the two teams would switch places? Well, here they have!

Parallel History

We’ll be honest — the MultiDim staff isn’t chock full of sports nuts. But while observing this relatively normal world, we noticed that the Niners are playing in Detroit, which makes no sense, because even we know the name refers to the 49ers during the Gold Rush. Whatever. Infinite worlds — infinite possibilities.

While looking to see if this world has developed sliding, we noticed that this world’s Quinn Mallory had recently gotten married to high school sweetheart Daelin Richards while finishing his graduate work at Gonzaga University in Washington.

Travel Advisory

Clear for takeoff

This is a pretty normal world. You probably won't find too much of interest here.

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