Lost World

Dimensional Coordinates: 373.359.618.624
Divergence Date: 165 Million years ago.

This ain't your daddy's dinosaur world. Forget game preserves, this one's raw, rugged and dangerous.

Parallel History

The last dinosaur world we visited was a mesh between the technological and the primeval — dinosaurs co-existed with man in massive sanctuaries the size of cities.

This world is far different. The human population is indigenous and about 6,000 years behind in terms of cultural development. It probably doesn’t help that there’s a variety of dinosaurs out there playing population control, even though the natives give them offerings like they’re gods.

That said, in our minimal time here, we were able to catalogue about a dozen different types of dino, including Tyrannosaurus Rex. We were also able to, strangely enough, make contact with the remnants of a sliding civilization, possibly those from Pulsar Prime, over shortwave radio. The colony is in Southern California and is doing well, but we’re not about to go visit them with no road system and thousands of dinosaurs roaming the area.

We’ll take their word for it.

Travel Advisory

Warning signs

Bring pheromone repellents and some good running shoes. This world is only available through our Adventure Package.

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