Dimensional Coordinates: 841.514.721.355
Divergence Date: 580

Grab your 64-sided dice and your PVC pipe "sword" and get ready for some hardcore, real-life "Dungeons and Dragons" adventure!

Parallel History

The true origin of the Druids is shrouded in mystery on Earth Prime, thanks to the Roman “slash and burn” style of diplomacy that ran rampart in the British Isles during occupation. However, here on Dragonworld, MultiDim scientists were able to cast light on the practices and the religion that the earth cultures embraced, and ultimately disseminated around the world.

Changes begin as early as the 6th century B.C.E., when the druids began to form as a sociological force. Mainly known as Celts, they established close ties with the earth, worshipping it and elevating it as a bringer of sustenance, heat and protection. Calendrical systems akin to Stonehenge were placed all over the land, and close attention paid to both equinox and solstice.

However, Roman influence hampered much of the druidic movement. Burning fields, slaughtering subsistence farmers and imposing pagan (and later Christian) values on the locals through force and intimidation convinced the druids to pick up and move elsewhere. A colony left Britain in the 2nd century B.C.E., traveling past Iceland, north to Greenland and finally southwest to North America, where their covenant with the Earth could be renewed.

The documents supporting this exodus were uncovered in England, but it didn’t take much research — the United Kingdom on Dragonworld is radically different.

The druidic exodus alone couldn’t explain such massive differences (in fact, such a thing is possible on Earth Prime), but after traveling to the UK, MultiDim uncovered the source of the rest of the changes. King Arthur on this world wasn’t merely legend.

On Earth Prime, various sources attribute the origin of the Arthur legend to various pre-feudal kings identified as “Arthwyr.” The tales told speak of a mythical king who united the land, repelled invaders and had a magical sword and consort. After dying by the hand of his own son, he’d return and return Britain to glory.

Clearly none of this happened here, but it all happened on Dragonworld. It’s all a part of New British history — Merlin, Excalibur, Lancelot, the whole shebazz. The magical properties of Arthur expanded outward, and the Romans were never able to establish a foothold in England. As the British sailed to North America, they reconnected with the druids and made peace with the native culture. The result is a New World heavily steeped in ritual and sorcery.

Shape-shifting spells, love potions and horseback riding are commonplace. This world seems a fusion of Middle Ages architecture and technological wonder. Magic and mundane co-exist, and those who practice magic are well regarded as leaders.

Travel Advisory

Warning signs

Don't piss off a wayward wizard — you just may lose your eyesight.

The Zimmerman Telegraph

Never existed, as there was no Great War.

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