Mardi Gras World

Dimensional Coordinates: 626.584.675.592
Divergence Date: 1803

Tired of flying for six hours to New Orleans so you can buy an alligator head? Wishing there was a way San Francisco could be a non-stop party zone? Book a slot to Mardi Gras World, where Napoleon never met his Waterloo!

Parallel History

It started with an offer that he could refuse. Napoleon, approached by a burgeoning United States to purchase French territories in the New World, was unimpressed by the offer of $15 million. He needed money to finance his European military campaigns, but not that badly.

Meanwhile, slaves continued to poor into ports all along the Gulf of Mexico. A mix of voodoo, earth religions and Catholicism simmered for years in New Orleans and eventually expanded westward.

Realizing that the British-Prussian alliance was too strong to fight endlessly, Napoleon diverted his efforts to the American continent. The Louisiana territory grew in size through a series of land purchases and decisive battles against Spanish forces. These victories were celebrated in true Mardi Gras fashion, and the tradition grew as its popularity increased in New Orleans.

The French brokered peace with Native Americans much more satisfactorily than on Earth Prime, garnering lucrative fur contracts without losing huge tracts of land. On Mardi Gras World, the states of Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana and portions of Nevada are a sovereign Indian nation.

All this feel-good sentiment has created some great party vibes. Practically anywhere you go at night you’ll find a massive street party dedicated to getting you drunk fast. Forgot your money? Don’t worry, because beads are a governmentally secured form of barter.

Travel Advisory

Clear for takeoff

Don't drink too much, and watch out for those Hurricanes!

The Zimmerman Telegraph

Never written, although the tree that was milled to make the paper on Earth Prime was turned into sawdust for the floor of Pat O'Brien's on this world.

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