Medical World

Dimensional Coordinates: 911.408.571.482
Divergence Date: Unknown.

Need a second opinion? Medical World practices the art of cheap treatment!

Parallel History

Medical World lives up to its name. It’s hard to pinpoint where a massive, sweeping change like a world hell-bent on providing quality medical care comes from, but the results are the same.

Most medical ailments have either been solved or are treatable for a really low cost on this world. If you need an operation, consult MultiDim agents about booking a trip here.

Travel Advisory

Clear for takeoff

We are carefully screening people to take to this world so as to avoid the possibility of being discovered. However, you are completely safe once you arrive, thanks to the advanced procedures doctors are aware of.

The Zimmerman Telegraph

Tucked away after American archaeologists discovered Hippocrates' original manuscript containing his famous oath in Greece.

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