Monarchy World

Dimensional Coordinates: 758.496.314.211
Divergence Date: April 30, 1789

Welcome to Monarchy World, where democracy was overruled in preference of another monarchy. We think it's to sell tabloids — who knows?

Parallel History

Minor seeds were sown to create this entirely different reality, but they took to fruition in late April, 1789.

On this world, Thomas Jefferson took the oath of office at Federal Hall, not as President but as king. Jefferson, long admired as an eloquent statesman and writer, was impressed upon to lead the fledgling United States at the end of the Revolutionary War. George Washington, it seems, was never a contender on this world.

Why? After Washington’s retirement, not even the faulty Articles of Confederation could drag him back into the political spotlight. Jefferson, acting on behalf of the states and a central government, championed the Constitution to ratification. That, coupled with his fiery words in the Declaration of Independence, made him a natural choice to lead.

Jefferson’s ascendance to the throne created a great alliance with the country of France. Already working closely with Ben Franklin during the French Revolution, Jefferson’s sympathetic eye to their change in government helped secure the release of many war debts. After shrinking the standing army, Jefferson strengthened the central government, bolstered state’s rights and leant much of the new Royal Navy to the French to help fight. Those that didn’t return to battle in Europe fought Barbary raiders.

Jefferson’s wife Martha died in 1801 of a throat infection, and he took freed slave Sally Hemmings as his second bride. Two decades later, slavery was abolished at her bequest.

Jefferson died on July 4, 1826, 50 years to the day he penned his famous declaration against British tyranny. His family continues to rule to this day, spending half the time in the family residence in Monticello and half at the castle in Hemmingshire in California. The current king, too young to rule, is the son of Duchess Danielle and Duke Rembrandt Brown. The previous king and his sons were killed by arson in 1997.

Another minor anomaly: On this world, a viral epidemic destroyed the female capacity to bring a child to term. Because of this, there is “shared pregnancy,” where men take on gestation in the final months.

Travel Advisory

Clear for takeoff

Make sure you trade in your currency — the coins of this United States are the same as the British system.

The Zimmerman Telegraph

Never needed, since the wildly different geopolitical structure on this world makes France a strong ally of the U.S., hence no World War I.

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