Mystic World

Dimensional Coordinates: 447.910.911.003
Divergence Date: November 1, 1688

You ever wanted to celebrate Halloween year 'round? Welcome to Mystic World, a United States ruled by a commercial empire headed by a mysterious Sorcerer. Well, not ruled ruled. There's still a President ... you get the idea.

Parallel History

On November 1, 1688, the Reverend Samuel Parris was walking to the livery stable in Boston when he was attacked at knifepoint, his lung punctured. Fearing the evils of civilization, Parris returned with family in tow to the sugar plantation his father founded in Barbados.

At around the same time, Doctor William Griggs was struck by lightning while coming in from a thunderstorm, killing him.

What does this have to do with anything, you ask? The divergence on this world prevented Parris from speaking two weeks later as a minister in Salem, Massachusetts. He would never later become the head minister of Salem, and his daughter Betty never caught cold. Likewise, without Griggs’ erroneous medical opinion that other sick girls in Salem were “bewitched,” the Salem Witch Trials never happened.

As a result, the slow to grow witchcraft and Wicca movements made their way through the elite circles in Bostonian society. Much later, when Thomas Jefferson admitted to his affair with slave Sally Hemmings, he also confessed to an appreciation for Wicca, thus preventing the long-standing tradition of Christian presidents before it had a chance to get started.

Over the centuries, Mystic World has definitely become something of a fascinating place regardless of dimension. Doctoral studies have been replaced with earthy healing techniques performed by shamans, failure to pay medical bills results in retribution substitution (they get a body part), and subpoenas are delivered by Grim Reapers. The Golden Gate Bridge has been supplanted by the Golden Gargoyle Gate Bridge.

Previous presidents of the United States of America in Mystic World include Ed Wood, Junior, the creator of such abysmal cinematic outings as Plan Nine from Outer Space on Earth Prime. Recent government hooplahs include the fight between the right and the left over separation of coven and state. Ouija boards are verboten in schools on this world.

In 1994, a mysterious figure known only as the Sorcerer began selling mass-market goods to the consumer. The Sorcerer brand name because synonymous with quality goods in almost every market, pissing off a whole lot of shamans. The Sorcerer lives across the Gargoyle State Bridge in a massive, palatial castle. Around the castle are the living quarters of the people who work for Sorcerer, Inc. Very feudal.

In 1996 the “Sorcerer” revealed himself to be Quinn Mallory, and recent talks with MultiDim reveal Mallory is simply an enterprising Slider.

Travel Advisory

Clear for takeoff

Just don't injure yourself — they might want to take your brain for payment.

The Zimmerman Telegraph

We can't read it — it's written entirely in the script witches use. But we hear it's very, very political.

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