No Smoking World

Dimensional Coordinates: 117.565.685.360
Divergence Date: Unknown.

Come to No Smoking World, where that wacky tabacky is as prized an illegal narcotic as cocaine is on our world.

Parallel History

The geology of No Smoking World is just a little bit different than you would imagine. Temperate zones, weather patterns, precession of the earth’s axis, all of these things are widely different enough the region of what we know of as the southwestern United States isn’t a desert/chaparral region, it’s a jungle. Rain forest, to be more specific.

Politically, things sure are different here as well. Unlike on Earth Prime, where the North American continent is comprised of only three countries — Canada, the United States and Mexico — this world features a fourth country named Zamora that stretches across much of Southern California, Arizona and New Mexico. It operates in much the same capacity as Columbia or Venezuela on Earth Prime — a trafficker of narcotics.

The narcotic in question, however, is simple garden-variety tobacco. Apparently the United States on this world finds tobacco smoking to be as deadly as it acutally is and has banned its use. The Tobacco Enforcement Agency patrols the borders in much the same fashion as the Drug Enforcement Agency on our world.

Culturally, the San Francisco region on this world is pretty unimpressive. If you want the feeling of living 5 miles from Tijuana without the 8 hour drive, this may be the tour option for you.

Travel Advisory

Warning signs

For those choosing the Adventure Package, all your inoculations and preventative medicines will be provided as part of your payment. Others may want to stock up on iodine and snake bite kits as the water and humid environment aren't friendly to newcomers and their digestive track.

The Zimmerman Telegraph

With a buffer country between the States and Mexico, any incursion by Mexican forces would be anticipated long in advance.

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