Nueva España

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Divergence Date: March 27, 1513

Ever wanted to visit Spain without leaving the Bay Area? Well, here's your chance! Stroll through cobblestone streets, listen to cheesy discothèque music and stare in awe at the dozens of missions that pepper the California coastline! Don't miss San Buenaventura; it's a gas!

Parallel History

The mainland of the North American continent was first sighted by the Spanish explorer and treasure hunter Don Juan Ponce de Leon on Easter, March 27, 1513. He claimed the land for Spain and named it La Florida, meaning “Land of Flowers”. Between 1513 and 1563 the government of Spain launched six expeditions to settle Florida, but all failed. At least, that’s how it goes on Earth Prime.

The initial colonization of La Florida was successful, and Spanish civilizers fought off the French establishment of a fort and colony on the St. Johns River in 1564. Without any kind of imperial powers blocking its advance, Spain’s treasure fleets ran unabated through the Caribbean and Mexico.

King Phillip II named Don Pedro Menendez de Aviles, Spain’s most experienced admiral, as governor of Florida, instructing him to explore and to colonize the territory. Aviles did his job better than his double on Earth Prime — striking accords with the native population, Aviles strengthened Spanish land holdings until they stretched across the North American continent, driving out any pirates or settlers of other nations found there.

On October 15, 1791, Spanish settlers weary of persecution of the indigenous cultures of Central America (many of whom were wed to Spanish viceroys) staged a successful revolt against Spanish conquistadors, liberating the Aztec, Inca and Maya and heralding a radical change in colonial government. La Guerra de los Revolucciones (Revolutionary War) signaled an end to Spain’s control over its colonies, and the North American continent became three sovereign nations — Mexico, Nueva España and Canada, where the British and French joined under a commonwealth of nations that survives to this day.

El Puerto de San Francisco is a thriving villa, as evidenced by the Golden Gate Bridge’s famous shadow along the Bay. Many Canadians, impoverished in their native land, are flocking to California for better jobs and higher standard of loving. Ironically, La Migra (Immigration Services) seek to expel these “furbacks” from Nueva España much in the same way INS deports hundreds of Mexican illegals every day. There is an underground movement entitled La Raza Blanca (The White Race) that seeks to free illegals being deported to Canada.

Travel Advisory


If you look Anglo, be prepared to present papers proving your citizenship. Being shipped to Canada does have its disadvantages — Celine Dion being one of the prime examples.

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