Oil Boom World

Dimensional Coordinates: 908.819.232.442
Divergence Date: October 4, 1995

Welcome to an Earth where San Francisco is a virtual gold mine... black gold, that is!

Parallel History

In the early morning hours of October 4, 1995, the freighter Hermes ran aground on Angel Island. When oil began seeping out around the wreckage, biohazard crews immediately assumed that the freighter was a tanker and closed the bay. When they found out that the freighter was only carrying dry goods, the oil industry swept in and discovered more than 700 billion gallons of petroleum sitting underneath San Francisco. Now derricks are going up all over the city, and property owners are getting rich.

Lest you have visions of avarice, the geologic conditions of this world are slightly different, so don’t go digging any pits in your backyard looking for crude.

Travel Advisory

Clear for takeoff

With all this oil gushing all over the place, watch your step! You wouldn't want to slip on an oil slick.

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