Fossil World

Ever wanted a dinosaur bone? Well, come visit Fossil World — an offshoot of Dinosaur World where San Francisco is one big archaeological dig!

Lawyer World

Did you ever think that that screw on the bus that gave you the hangnail was worthy of a lawsuit against the MTA? Then come on over to Lawyer World, where nothing is too frivolous to try and collect unwarranted millions from just about anybody!
Divergence Date: 1803

Gangster World

Got a friend of Bill W that needs to dry out? Are they perhaps addicted to gambling as well? Don't take 'em to Gangster World, where the hooch is so strong it can strip paint — and your fortune — from you.
Divergence Date: 1933

Youth World

Ever thought those 11-year-old prodigies were extremely annoying and needed to be beaten? Step back from Youth World, where simply being older than 20 is a faux pas.
Divergence Date: 1980

Shoe World

Tired of sporting thread-bare knockoffs and crummy Nikes made by impoverished Koreans? Head on over to Shoe World, where former dot-commers will be happy to work as a bootsmith and take your money! Approved by Imelda Marcos!
Divergence Date: 1979

San Angeles

One of our researchers wasn't kidding when he commented "Good heavens, a union of Los Angeles and San Francisco. It goes against the laws of nature."
Divergence Date: Unknown.


Hey, mon! Drop Disney's "Cool Runnings" and experience the glory of poverty, AIDS and squalor without ever leaving the Bay Area! Lotusland has it all, just for you.
Divergence Date: Unknown.

Igloo World

What's easier: spending four hours in a car with your irritating friends just hoping to see some powder, or a quick five-minute trip with MultiDim to Igloo World, where Northern California is still covered with snow-covered glaciers? Exactly.
Divergence Date: Unknown.

Game World

Are you a big fan of mindless drivel like football, pro wrestling and daytime television? Well, you might have the brain pan to cheer on the end result of social anarchy — the Game!
Divergence Date: 1980

Wasco World

Looking to start a career as a botanist? Or simply looking for a cheap dozen roses for that special someone? Pop on over to Wasco World, where a glitch in the multiverse has turned our small California town into a coastal floral juggernaut!
Divergence Date: 1897

Buttonwillow World

Tired of endless, nauseating traffic? Looking for a chance to open up that fancy sports car of yours? Hop on over to Buttonwillow World, where a grass roots effort to create some world-class race tracks has resulted in the sexiest driving this side of the Mississippi.
Divergence Date: 1915

Lemoore World

Dr. Lavern Lee Moore may have a funny name, but it's his bloodthirsty reign in the heart of Central California that shuts people up.
Divergence Date: Unknown.

Justice World

Ever walk down the street afraid you'll be mugged at gunpoint like MultiDim CEO Matt Hutaff was? Cringe when you see someone look at your purse or backpack? Beat a trail to Justice World, then, where the populace is safe thanks to the crazed mindset of boob-toob junkies!
Divergence Date: January 25, 1994

Muppet World

Aliens? Nah! Just a collective of biogenetically enhanced creatures courtesy of Henson Labs!
Divergence Date: Unknown.

Bobsled World

Bored by Lotusland and Igloo World? Praying to God there was some bizarre fusion of the two? Then visit Bobsled World, where having an interest in freezing your ass off shooting down an ice tube in a frozen metal tube is hip!
Divergence Date: Unknown.

Twister World

Ever think that vast, ruthless wasteland doesn't exist in large enough quantities on Earth Prime? Twister World has plenty thanks to a screwy electromagnetic system and a huge batch of killer artificial tornadoes!
Divergence Date: 1960s

Medical World

Need a second opinion? Medical World practices the art of cheap treatment!
Divergence Date: Unknown.

Van Meer’s World

Gotta get back in time? Van Meer's World is twelve years behind the times – literally!
Divergence Date: Billions of years ago.

Mardi Gras World

Tired of flying for six hours to New Orleans so you can buy an alligator head? Wishing there was a way San Francisco could be a non-stop party zone? Book a slot to Mardi Gras World, where Napoleon never met his Waterloo!
Divergence Date: 1803

Dream Master World

Initially a world with a powerful sect of "Dream Masters," this dimension has fallen prey to the Kromagg Dynasty.
Divergence Date: 1991


Tired of living? Hoping that the fastest way out is to have the sun mercilessly suck every ounce of moisture from your body? Look no further than Desert World, where you can get a real bitchin' tan wandering the earth looking for a bit of water.
Divergence Date: Unknown.


Grab your 64-sided dice and your PVC pipe "sword" and get ready for some hardcore, real-life "Dungeons and Dragons" adventure!
Divergence Date: 580

Baseball World

Say goodbye to football. This world has only one national pastime, and it is baseball!
Divergence Date: Ancient times.


Great balls of fire, indeed. This particular Earth is bathed in unending flame.
Divergence Date: Unknown.

Refinery World

Tired of that gentle breeze coming in off the Bay? Wishing that every breath you take be choked with the stench of burning petroleum? Head on over to Refinery World, where the entire Pacific Coast is covered with crude — and the means to convert it into gasoline.
Divergence Date: Millions of years ago.