Monarchy World

Welcome to Monarchy World, where democracy was overruled in preference of another monarchy. We think it's to sell tabloids — who knows?

Angel World

Angel World, where people have wings. No, that's not a typo.
Divergence Date: Unknown.

Android World

Be the last human all over again on Android World, where a handful of emotionally unstable robots slaughtered the entire human population!
Divergence Date: 1970s

Pygmy World

Feel like hanging out with some people originally from southeast Asia? Looking for a place where people can eat you? Head to Pygmy World, where a casual glance at one of the locals could mean you want to have their baby.
Divergence Date: Unknown.

Mall World

If you're a power shopper, you'll love Mall World, where hundreds of massive shopping centers cum communities blend into the ultimate living experience — provided you've got the cash.
Divergence Date: 1982

Jim Varney World

He may be dead now, but Jim Varney's influence on this world has left more people frustrated and suicidal than Screech from "Saved by the Bell."
Divergence Date: 1987

Corporate World

The Dotcom Era may be over here on good ol' Earth Prime, but that doesn't mean you can't work 120 hours a week! Take a spin to Corporate World, where burning out is so common they have theme parks dedicated to repairing your fractured psyche!
Divergence Date: Unknown.

Egypt World

Ha! You thought Alexander the Great didn't live up to his title on this earth? You thought wrong.
Divergence Date: 18th Dynasty.

Worm World

Feeling like going to a world where a bizarre mutant worm used to grant immortality with its excrement before being blown up by dynamite? Yeah, neither do we.
Divergence Date: 1940s

Forest World

Looking for a pollution-free sky to gaze up at? Tired of San Francisco but you don't want to drive to any of the campsites choked with visitors. Dial in the coordinates for Forest World, where we'll even provide the sleeping bags free of charge!
Divergence Date: Unknown.

Wells-Niven World

Imagine an Earth in syzygy with a moon and two other Terran planets. Now imagine no further — we've got one right here for you.
Divergence Date: Unknown.

Pulsar Prime

Care to see what Earth would look like if a group of errant pulsars bombarded it with radiation and then blew it up? You'll want to see pictures of Pulsar Prime, then, because that's exactly what happened there.
Divergence Date: World War II

Biggest World

Are you six foot seven and looking to be the little guy for a change? Head on over to Biggest World, where you'll scurry like ants from the humans that are too tall for their own good!
Divergence Date: Unknown.

Pulsar Double Prime

Three World Wars. Atomic devastation in Southern California. Sound exciting?
Divergence Date: World War II

Earth Triple Prime/Kromagg Outpost 161

Seeing Kromagg Outpost 161 is like looking at Earth Prime after years of Kromagg subjugation.
Divergence Date: Unknown.

Nazi World

It was only a matter of time until we found a world dominated by the Nazis. We were just hoping it was later rather than sooner.
Divergence Date: 1902

Colonial World

Wondering what would happen if the Articles of Confederation had crumbled, leaving the States disjointed, separate entities? Wonder no longer.
Divergence Date: 1787

Cuban Missile World

JFK wasn't a great leader on every world.
Divergence Date: October 1962

Greenhouse World

A parallel universe where out-of-control greenhouse effects gripped Earth much like Venus.
Divergence Date: Unknown.

Lost World

This ain't your daddy's dinosaur world. Forget game preserves, this one's raw, rugged and dangerous.
Divergence Date: 165 Million years ago.

Edison World

Welcome to Edison World, where direct current is king.
Divergence Date: 1889

Crucifix World

Sick and tired of pathetic dinner events like Medieval Times? Intrigued by history but not enough to go to the Loom Fair? Take a peak at Crucifix World, where religion and society are just as mired in the present as they were 700 years ago!
Divergence Date: Middle Ages.

Zombie World

Looking for a guaranteed way to lose weight? Don't visit Zombie World, where a fat-burning supplement turned the entire world into fat-starved zombies. And yes, we're serious.
Divergence Date: 1990s

Fog World

There's fog of a different kind on this world — evil, sulphuric fog that creeps through the mountains and causes hallucinations.
Divergence Date: Unknown.

Parasite World

Operation: Annihilate this! Flying blobs of goo that'll mess you up but good are the dominant lifeform on this primeval jungle world.
Divergence Date: Unknown.