Donor World

Need a kidney and don't care about ripping it out of the body of a healthy teenager? Head to Donor World, where a barbaric mandatory donor program for today's youth keeps the middle-aged stocked to the gills with fresh parts.

Vampire World

Are you one of those aggravating "goth" goof balls who always complains that no one understands their insane Crow fixation? Tired of being the object of ridicule simply for wearing fishnet stockings and oversize crucifixes? Well, there is a world that understands your need to be a Lost Boy. It is Vampire World, and it will embrace you.
Divergence Date: April 2, 1459

No Smoking World

Come to No Smoking World, where that wacky tabacky is as prized an illegal narcotic as cocaine is on our world.
Divergence Date: Unknown.

Romani World

Enter an Eastern culture who lives as a part of nature. Romani World offers us a glimpse into a reality where the oft-persecuted Roma found a home in North America.
Divergence Date: 1492

Hybrid World

Want to live The Island of Doctor Moreau without being around that pig Marlon Brando or his egotistical buddy Val Kilmer? Book a trip to Hybrid World, where wacky gene splicing experiments have created bizarre human/animal combinations!
Divergence Date: Unknown.

Future World

Ever wondered what the future will be like? Wonder no more — Future World is 600 years ahead in time from our perspective.
Divergence Date: Billions of years ago.

Pita World

Tired of tasteless, carb-loaded white bread? Hit Pita World, where early Greek influence and typical British laziness turned into a love for sandwiches made with pita bread.
Divergence Date: Long ago.

Fat World

Think you've tasted it all? Hit Fat World, where culinary treats are so delicious that practically everyone's overweight!
Divergence Date: Unknown.

Prima Mexicana

We knew we'd find it eventually — a world where the Zimmerman telegraph was never intercepted.
Divergence Date: January 17, 1917


Look out, Alexandria and Library of Congress. This floating chunk of technology catalogs the entire history of billions of parallel cultures.
Divergence Date: Never.

Aztec World

Welcome to Aztec World, where Meso-American Indians retained their grips on the Americas by kicking a lot of white man ass.
Divergence Date: 1519

Pastiche World

Ever wish you could absorb yourself more fully into the Sliders mythos than you already are? Hit Pastiche World, where a burned-out timer and a business savvy Quinn Mallory have turned the concept of sliding into a television megahit!
Divergence Date: November 17, 1994