Pastiche World

Dimensional Coordinates: 908.980.359.574
Divergence Date: November 17, 1994

Ever wish you could absorb yourself more fully into the Sliders mythos than you already are? Hit Pastiche World, where a burned-out timer and a business savvy Quinn Mallory have turned the concept of sliding into a television megahit!

Parallel History

On November 17, 1994, a double of MultiDim’s Quinn Mallory went sliding, but his timer malfunctioned. Faced with the prospect of living on a barren, uninhabited world, Mallory activated his timer’s failsafe and landed on a new world — this world.

In an effort to secure funds to either repair his timer and build a new sliding machine, Quinn sold the concept of sliding to the FOX Network. Excited with the prospect of a real science fiction concept on their channel, Fox promoted the hell out of it, funded Mallory’s technical development and recruited the Quinn Mallory of this world and his friends to star in the show. Peppered with a few dozen ideas that Mallory had personally seen, the writing staff went to work… and Quinn went back to the drawing board in an effort to get home.

Now, Sliders is a monstrous hit on this world to a degree that Star Trek could never achieve. The show was modern-day and the science was real — some location shooting is an actual slide to a known parallel world to cut down on costs — it’s like a surreal version of our Travelogue. What television viewer wouldn’t want to see a group of people visit parallel worlds every week?

The show has been running since early 1996, and with the hundreds of new world histories donated to the writers by MultiDim, they have plenty of stories left to share.

Travel Advisory

Clear for takeoff

Don't head into a bar and talk up your love affair with George R R Martin's Doorways unless you need a good ass kicking.

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