Phone Booth World

Dimensional Coordinates: QUARANTINED
Divergence Date: Unknown.

The Phone Booth World. You've heard the rumors. You've seen the pictures on the evening news. You've heard the blood-curdling screams coming from the audio we released to the media. It's one dangerous place. Beware.

Parallel History

Even the Telecommunications Act couldn’t rein in Pacific Bell. Blood flowed through the streets, orphans lined up outside shelters for moldy bread scraps. California was a desolate, desolate place.

In a giant citadel located in San Francisco, Pac Bell brought down unholy fire on the infidels who dared not let it place phone booths wherever the hell they wanted. AT&T had been broken up by the government; now it was the telephone industry’s chance to break down the bureaucracy that had created it.

The brainchild of Alexander Graham Bell, the Bell system grew fat on power, kickbacks, and of course, virgin sacrifices. But nothing pleased the Bells. Nothing. Until that fateful day when the phone booths started popping up.

It was as if a salve had been poured across a festering wound.

Phone Booth World is now home to several billion phone booths. Housing such as apartments, homes, etc., have all been replaced by the phone booth. Pictured to the right are typical housing arrangements on this world.

In fact, everything that ever made humanity unique in the cosmos has been supplanted by phone booths. Pac Bell rules the country with a bloated pinky finger. The United States will never recover.

God help us all.

Travel Advisory

This world is restricted, lest you find yourself going mad with rage.

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