Pita World

Dimensional Coordinates: 854.972.585.285
Divergence Date: Long ago.

Tired of tasteless, carb-loaded white bread? Hit Pita World, where early Greek influence and typical British laziness turned into a love for sandwiches made with pita bread.

Parallel History

It seems almost unnatural for people to not use conventional bread for their sandwiches. The sandwich, after all, was invented in the 18th century by the Earl of Sandwich as a sanitary device so that he could eat food and play cards at the same time. But also think about this — it took until 1912 for the bread slicer to be invented. Who was thinking about toast before that?

The simple answer is that pita bread, a slightly more flavorful breaded “pocket,” came to prominence over the years because it was easier to make, caught rogue pieces of food better that bread and was overall less filling on the stomach, allowing people to eat more meat, vegetables and other stuff that doesn’t send your kidneys into overdrive.

Such a change doesn’t really effect the overal progress of this world, it’s just one of those many strange nuggets of history that get passed on unintentionally, like the celebration of Christmas in December as a way to overlap old solstice celebrations in ancient Rome. Now people freak out when they hear that Jesus was born in the springtime, but people, that’s the way it is.

Don’t freak out over pita bread. It really is better for you… and it’s tastier.

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