Prison World

Dimensional Coordinates: RESTRICTED
Divergence Date: October 21, 1989

Ever thought San Francisco was a hellhole trap of social excess? Well, you ain't seen nothing yet, baby! Actually, you pretty much have, since the San Francisco Federal Penitentiary that filled the whole of the North Bay slid into the ocean in 1996, killing thousands.

Parallel History

The Loma Prieta quake did more than just register a 7.1 and kill a bunch of people on this world. It set a panic into the populace. Citizens fearful of another 1906 fireball vacated the city in droves, and on October 21, four days after the quake, the federal government stepped in and claimed eminent domain over the tattered San Francisco. In the year that followed, the government built 3 story high walls around the most seismologically sensitive region of San Francisco.

The rules were simple in the prison; violence was not tolerated. Buddy bands were issued to pairs of inmates as a way of keeping inmates, fully aware that they would one day be swept into the ocean, from going crazy and rioting. If one buddy committed the crime, both bands would light up, alerting prison guards known as Custodians. Custodians would summarily execute both buddies. Hence, keeping your buddy in line was an advantage.

All inmates were required to attend group psychological sessions in.

Shortly after some unusual energy spikes recorded by the prison warden, SFNP slid into the ocean. It’s a very surreal experience to see. Too bad you can’t. Only John Carpenter has been allowed with a filming crew to this world so that he could make a third Escape movie starring Kurt Russell. It’s unknown when the movie will be released.

Aside from this, Prison World is remarkably advanced technologically. Internal combustion engines have been replaced with electrical cars in an attempt to bolster the environment. Architectural designs have also been strengthened so that a geodesic dome could survive even the most destructive of quakes.

Travel Advisory


Attention, shoppers: the money here looks different, so don't try and spend any of Earth Prime's currency at shops.

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