Public Transit World

Dimensional Coordinates: 927.568.654.945
Divergence Date: 1911

For a car culture, visiting a world with nothing but public transportation is a grim reality indeed. But that's exactly what's happened here, and it's allowed sliding inventor Quinn Mallory to spend time with the double of his deceased father.

Parallel History

Roots in this deviation extend back to 1892, when the Standard Oil Trust was dissolved by the Ohio Supreme Court. It reformed again but in 1911 was found to be in violation of the Sherman Antitrust Act. However, the Supreme Court found that oil was “too pervasive a commodity” to be governed by the private sector and absorbed S.O. into the government on September 28, 1911.

As a result, petroleum based product because extremely cheap, with the exception of gasoline which was rationed only to public transportation services and the military for use in wartime. The result is hard to ignore: privately owned vehicles are non-existent and citizens rely on public transportation to get everywhere. Los Angeles’ Green Car trolley system is the most successful one on the West Coast; San Francisco has a similar system as well. Cabs are available as a revenue generator for the city, but they run on natural gas.

A minor variation of note that comes as a result of a lack of privately owned vehicles: Michael Mallory, father of sliding inventor Quinn Mallory, was never struck by a car on his way to work in 1984.

Travel Advisory

Clear for takeoff

No need to worry about looking both ways before crossing the street. Just stay out of the way of the bus.

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