Pulsar Double Prime

Dimensional Coordinates: 646.080.267.898
Divergence Date: World War II

Three World Wars. Atomic devastation in Southern California. Sound exciting?

Parallel History

Pulsar DP is the second of three worlds we’ve tracked that appear identical in terms of history but for one reason or another have disparate realities. The first, Pulsar Prime, was destroyed by the titular pulsar, the third still exists (and will be cataloged soon).

If this world had no pulsar crisis, why call it Pulsar DP? Well, we found Pulsar Prime first. It’s simply easier for cataloging purposes.

All that aside, this world actually has a robust, warlike history and some interesting musical deviation. From what we’ve been able to discern, changes began during the second World War.

The Japanese, after bombing Pearl Harbor, engaged the United States on its own soil. Fighting a beleaguered U.S. Army back, block by block, the Japanese advanced through both Los Angeles and San Diego. In a final act of desperation, FDR recalled all troops from the European theater and dropped two hydrogen bombs, one on Los Angeles, one on San Diego. The world, startled by America’s determination to use atomic weapons to stop war (even on their citizens), came to a standstill on that day. A quick peace was brokered with Japan; Europe surrendered to Germany.

Peace was short-lived. The Nazi regime was almost immediately brought to task by the British and Russians, while the United States sat out World War III to lick its wounds. Europe was eventually liberated through teamwork and Nazi foolishness, and America’s newfound isolationism bred resentment from their former Soviet allies.

So much resentment it seems that the U.S. and the Soviet Union became bitter enemies. The Cold War here raged white hot, with constant skirmishes over both territories. However, both countries never took it to the next level: full-scale nuclear attack.

All that may change soon. Obscene amounts of military spending hasn’t slowed down the U.S., and the Soviets are still in power. With a President like Oliver North around, I wouldn’t bet on perestroika either.

Nota bien: This world has sliding technology. It’s nowhere near as sophisticated as that of MultiDim’s, and it isn’t made available to the public, so we haven’t quarantined this world yet. If they become aware of us, however, tours will have to be suspended.

Travel Advisory

Warning signs

This world is fairly safe for the average citizen. You'll be given the papers needed to walk around if you choose to visit here.

The Zimmerman Telegraph

On this world, Zimmerman attempted to contact the United States during World War III, promising them Canada and portions of Mexico for their assistance against the Allies. The request went ignored.

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