Pulsar Prime

Dimensional Coordinates: OBLITERATED
Divergence Date: World War II

Care to see what Earth would look like if a group of errant pulsars bombarded it with radiation and then blew it up? You'll want to see pictures of Pulsar Prime, then, because that's exactly what happened there.

Parallel History

It’s unfortunate, really, when you visit a place after it’s ceased to be interesting.

It’s even more unfortunate when you arrive at nothing and find it more interesting than when it used to be something.

Such is the case with Pulsar Prime, which used to be classified in our database as merely “War World #287.” Our preliminary four hour “audit” of the world showed that the U.S. and the Soviets were still really angry with each other and not much else. We shuttled it aside until we found two other worlds with nearly identical histories and decided that it was worth a better look.

Too little, too late. It’s a good thing we send out atmospheric probes before any people head through the gateway, because this one detected nothing.




Intrigued (and thinking the Apocalypse had come), we sent out the ATV and found that the earth was simply gone, and that the debris field that remained was highly radioactive. More importantly, a quick track of the system found planetary orbits shifted significantly — the result of immense gravitational pressures.

A casual glance at the void in front of the view screen explained why — the Sun was now part of a binary star system. Apparently a fast moving pulsar had entered the solar system and had clung to the gravity of the Sun, but not before destroying humanity.

It’s impossible to speculate on the history of this world, but that’s okay since we don’t have to. Pulsar Double Prime is identical in every way except for the whole pulsar thing. Visit that world’s deviation description to learn more about these two worlds.

Travel Advisory

Off-limits for obvious reasons.

The Zimmerman Telegraph

Intercepted — still didn't stop three world wars and eventual annihilation.

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