Pygmy World

Dimensional Coordinates: 698.148.955.502
Divergence Date: Unknown.

Feel like hanging out with some people originally from southeast Asia? Looking for a place where people can eat you? Head to Pygmy World, where a casual glance at one of the locals could mean you want to have their baby.

Parallel History

This is one of a handful of worlds we’ve come across where there doesn’t seem to be any kind of Native American influence in North America, and Asian traders from the South Pacific stopped and settled instead. Likewise, Europe has yet to colonize to the West Coast, although we’ve heard rumors of white men to the East, so it’s coming soon.

The result is a relatively unspoiled region that’s fun to visit… Provided you avoid the natives. They aren’t terribly friendly.

Travel Advisory


We're not going to stop you from coming here, but stick with the tour and avoid the natives. Have we mentioned that enough yet?

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