Q World

Dimensional Coordinates: QUARANTINED
Divergence Date: 1928

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) declares Q World one of its favorite "hot spots" in the multiverse!

Parallel History

Sir Alexander Fleming never discovered Penicillin in 1928. Other antibiotics and most medicines weren’t discovered because people feared anything dirty and thought nothing good could come from something so dirty as mold. The people of this society are obsessed with being clean.

In 1991, Quinn Mallory began working as a medical student alongside with Eileen Stanley and renowned doctor Darren Morton. Morton was working with strep-like bacteria and unknowingly gave the infection to Mallory and released him to the public. Mallory soon began to infect the populace, and the California Health Commission labeled the disease the “Q” and began a hunt for Mallory to try and discern the origins of the epidemic. Reward: $1,000,000.

Mallory was captured but with the help of Doctor Stanley, escaped and began to help those afflicted with the Q to ease their suffering. Recently, penicillin has been brought to this world and the alleviation of suffering is moving slowly across the North American continent.

Travel Advisory


The Q virus is still contagious and only primitive forms of antibiotics exist on this Earth, thus the restriction. Avoid traveling to this world unless accompanied with your own antibiotics and bio-hazard suits. You should also have had basic immunization shots before visiting.

Symptoms of the Q virus include: yellowish skin, flu like symptoms, fever, hallucinations, memory loss, and white nodules in the back of the throat similar to strep throat. When a patient goes "Red Eye," the eyes of the patient turns red which signals that the patient is terminal. Those getting sicker than the normal rate are on the "fast track" to death.

With the introduction of antibiotics to this earth by Professor Maximillian Arturo, the social order has been upset and Q World's society is currently unstable. Those infected with the Q have vowed to change the society that infected them.

The Zimmerman Telegraph

Sitting out the Q in a hermetically sealed chamber.

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