Rollerblade World

Dimensional Coordinates: 324.123.562.222
Divergence Date: Unknown.

Enjoy a nice leisurely skate around Golden Gate Park, or blow your life savings in one of San Francisco's premiere casinos! It's all a crap shoot in this wacky version of the Bay Area!

Parallel History

MultiDim scientists have been unable to determine the exact point of divergence for Rollerblade World, but the mentality is hard to ignore — lavish casinos that dole out real silver coins instead of cheesy plastic counterparts, and a relaxed atmosphere that has converted Golden Gate Park’s Conservatory (right) into a palatial gambling Mecca. That’s not to say that people here aren’t safe — on the contrary, padding supplies flow freely like wine at a Bacchian festival for the casual ‘blader.

Travel Advisory

Clear for takeoff

If you're worried about rough landings from a sliding vortex, this is the place to pick up supplies to pad your sore spots.

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