San Angeles

Dimensional Coordinates: SLIDING CIV
Divergence Date: Unknown.

One of our researchers wasn't kidding when he commented "Good heavens, a union of Los Angeles and San Francisco. It goes against the laws of nature."

Parallel History

With cities like San Jose, it seems oddly natural that suburban spread would eventually extend between California’s two major coastal cities, San Francisco and Los Angeles. The merger produced a city known as San Angeles. All cities in its wake are now boroughs of the larger whole.

Indeed, several megaopolises like this exist in this United States; one stretching from Atlanta, Georgia to Baltimore, Maryland has recently petitioned for statehood. Another, located in Arizona, stands to swallow two-thirds of the open space. It is called Phoenix.

Because of the sizes of such cities with no defined ‘downtown’ area, resources are stretched thin. Rolling power brownouts are scheduled every three hours, and power is turned off completely at 4:00pm. Newspapers have been reduced to one double-sided sheet, horses are endangered and a flavorless mush called GeoMash is the only economical food available. Gasoline runs over $400 a gallon.

Under the aegis of Professor and Nobel Laureate Maximillian Arturo, a company was developed in late 1995 to combat over taxation of resources. The company, named Prototronics, tried unsuccessfully to develop transdimensional travel as a way to find new fuel and food reserves. However, Arturo died under mysterious circumstances and his protégé Logan St. Clair disappeared in late 1996. Their work has been suspended indefinitely.

In 2001, MultiDim scientists visited this world and barely escaped after fully armed Prototronics employees approached them and attempted to detain them. MultiDim’s resourcefulness prevailed, however, and this world has been quarantined until such time that we can enter undetected.

Some items of note include a bullet train between San Francisco and Los Angeles proper and a double-tiered Golden Gate bridge that carries the bullet trains back and forth across the Bay.

Travel Advisory


Prototronics has the ability to track the exit point of your wormhole and detain you for any information you might have. The Restricted status of this world is a result of their barbaric practices.

The Zimmerman Telegraph

Ground down into GeoMash and eaten by the general populace. Possibly trapped inside a non-biodegradable diaper.

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