Shrink World

Dimensional Coordinates: 408.224.014.400
Divergence Date: 1903

Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar — YEAH, RIGHT! Not on Shrink World, where the teachings of a time-traveling Sigmund Freud have turned everyone into a mumbling paranoid in need of psychological help!

Parallel History

Sigmund Freud was walking through the streets of Vienna in 1903 when, all of a sudden, a time-traveling telephone booth guided by two slackers from the late 1980s dropped in, lasso’d the eminent psychiatrist and abducted him to the future, but not before stopping off in several other hilarious time periods.

Upon arriving in 1989, Freud was shocked to discover the state of moral and libidinous decay in suburban San Dimas, California. He hit on a woman and was unsuccessful, but after analyzing one of the slackers for his Oedipal complex, Freud returned to 1903 and began a passionate campaign to change the future for the better.

Travel Advisory

Warning signs

Just wear lots of grey. LOTS of grey.

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