Sitting Moose World

Dimensional Coordinates: 787.787.787.787
Divergence Date: July 3, 1863

Love ice hockey? Got a lot of worthless Canadian change? Then you've come to the right place! Just try to keep out of the border battles between California and the United States and you'll be living the high life... Molson High Life that is.

Parallel History

The Confederate Army stunned the Union forces in the Battle of Gettysburg, temporarily swinging momentum in their favor. By 1866, the war had severely weakened the United States and the European nations made their move. The British allied with the South forcing the North to sign a pact with France. But this deal came with a price. For reasons both altruistic and self-interested, France forced the North to turn over the West Coast to the Native Americans. Even then, France could see that America had the resources to become a burgeoning world power and thus it was a potential threat to French hegemony. By cutting them off from the West Coast, they could stem America’s global influence. And by handing the territory over to the indigenous people, fiercely loyal to France of course, they looked like liberators instead of conquerors.

Those living there already were none too pleased with President Lincoln’s arrangement. Many refused to depart when the Natives took over, and the two peoples have been fighting ever since in an endless cycle of violence that rivals our troubles in the Middle East. The squatters have been barricaded into reservations of sorts. Though their environments are pristine, they remain at the mercy of the Californians.

As for Canada, they could see which way the wind was blowing. In 1867 they declared their independence from Britain and promptly allied with France and the North. Together they crushed the British/Confederate alliance and ended the Civil War in 1869. With the United States in desperate straits, they relied primarily on Canadian industry to rebuild. This planted the seeds to the world’s largest economy today.

The United States is a weakened nation. Its endless atrocities on its western border have sullied its reputation in the international community. Sympathies are clearly with the nation of California, a common name agreed to by all the tribes that makes their homes there. Both France and Canada heavily support California, which also comprises what we know as Oregon and Washington. An attack on it is considered an attack on the French-Canadian Alliance. Tread with care.

Travel Advisory

Clear for takeoff

Keep out of the disputed territories and you should do fine. It was the misfortune of our MultiDim team to land in one of the reservations on their first visit. The Californians forbid any permanent structure inside the reservations to prevent squatting. If the traveling carnival life is the one for you, you’ll fit right in. If it’s a struggle or a cause you’re looking for, Ross J. Kelly is willing to fight for you!

But if you’re here only to do the tourist thing, we’re told that the Geronimo Casino of Smoggy HellHole (Los Angeles to us) is the biggest and most luxurious in the world.

The Zimmerman Telegraph

It still exists, but its contents were somewhat different. It is an offer for the United States to join Germany and Japan to form the Axis Powers, an offer they declined.

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