Soviet World

Dimensional Coordinates: 943.823.365.024
Divergence Date: 1953

Enjoy a leisurely stroll at night around town and watch the KGB and the Russian military conduct random searches, street-side executions, and kidnappings! As an exciting bonus, make sure you look over your shoulder to see your own personal KGB agent reporting your every move.

Parallel History

In 1953, U.S. support for the war effort in Korea began to wane and Congress forced removal of troops from the 38th Parallel. As a result, the combined Sino-Soviet Empire made a mockery of the U.S. on the floor of the United Nations, calling it “a weak defender” and “a military cripple.” Europe, barely able to rebuild itself in the aftermath of World War II, watched impotently as Communism sweeps the globe — Indochina, South America, Eastern Europe. Finally, the European Union was created, and the United States, economically isolated from a Communist New World Order, saw its technology and assets shrink and ultimately collapse. Under the Soviet Acquisition Act of 1961, the U.S. became a territory of the Greater Soviet Union.

Most of the middle class has been bought off or grown complacent to the current way of life. There are several cells of freedom fighters, including one in northern California. In 1995, this cell held a triumphant assault on the NorCal Federal Penitentiary, converted from the University of California campus. Former professor Maximillian Arturo leads it as Citizen General.

Travel Advisory


Visitors are advised to avoid this world due to a resurgence of the Second American Revolution. American Revolutionaries are currently in a battle with Russian Communists for control of the United States. For those who do visit, make sure you exchange all your American dollars for rubles. U.S. dollar bills are the trademark of the American Underground Resistance.

The Zimmerman Telegraph

Burned along with the Constitution and Declaration of Independence when Soviet troops stormed Washington, D.C. in 1960.

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