Spiderwasp World

Dimensional Coordinates: QUARANTINED
Divergence Date: 1987

Afraid of getting stung by a bee? Steer clear of Spiderwasp World then, where a genetically engineered poisonous insect with an appetite for drywall and human flesh have decimated North and South America.

Parallel History

Forget killer bees. According to information we’ve been able to pull together, a Venezuelan lab created a hybrid of a spider and wasp as a form of pest control in 1987. The queen escaped and reproduced into a huge swarm of killer South American Spiderwasps. The spiderwasps have a wingspan of up to one foot and are immune to all known pesticides. They also have a large stinger full of venom and have the ability to eat through walls which renders most buildings vulnerable to attack. The arrival of the spiderwasp means death and destruction to anything and anyone that gets in their way. In just 8 short years, the swarm has continually moved northward. South America, Central America, the Caribbean, and the southern portion of North America have been devastated by the spiderwasps.

Travel Advisory

Because of the dangerous nature of this world, coupled with the fact that the San Francisco of Spiderwasp Earth is a deserted wasteland, this world has been quarantined.

The Zimmerman Telegraph

It's probably been mulched into a nest for a Queen Spiderwasp. Who knows. We aren't going to Washington, D.C. to find out.

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