Truth World

Dimensional Coordinates:
Divergence Date: Unknown.

"I cannot tell a lie." No shit you can't. Bring your cheating spouse to this world, slap a truth collar on him and watch him squirm!

Parallel History

MultiDim scientists snuck through this one in the wintertime wearing turtleneck sweaters trying to glean some historical deviation for this world. No luck. Getting into the library requires a bare neck visible at all times. Suffice to say this world prides truth to such a degree that it mandates truth collars. Scary… but worst of all is the chaffing, we’re sure.

The truth collars are amazing little devices. The pain they dole out is proportional to the size of the lie, and since the collar sends the jolt into your spine, you really feel it. Make a big enough lie and… well, take a look at our current Administration and see what kind of punishment they’d receive over their ridiculous foreign policy and their even more ridiculous domestic policy.

Travel Advisory


Don't tell a lie and you'll be fine.

The Zimmerman Telegraph

Never sent, as any level of treachery or deception, especially between governments, pretty much electrocutes the messenger.

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